Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Villiers Equestrian

In December 2014 the Villiers Equestrian team competed at the Ennis Show-Grounds in the Limerick-Clare Interschools. We were delighted to introduce six new riders to our ever growing team; Katelyn Sweeney, Enya Conway, Rachel Mullins & Sarah McMahon from first year and
Melanie Leonard & Aislinn Patrick from fourth year. These new riders are very accomplished and performed well, despite it being quite a long day. 

Success came for Kelly Gleeson, who won the Individual Secondary School Competition with a stunningly, lively speed round. 

The junior team qualified for the Speed/Jump-off round but sadly did not progress from this. Meanwhile, the senior teams had some good rounds but were unsuccessful in qualifying for the Speed/Jump-off round. The new riders were joined by team stalwarts, Laura O’Connor,
Orla Shiel, Becky Davis and Kelly Gleeson. We were delighted that Laura and Becky took time out from their busy study schedule to participate and guide our new riders.