Wednesday, 28 January 2015

International Students Create Lady Villiers Sow

The Jack and Jill Foundation put out a call to Professional Artists in July 2014 for the submission of designs for the painting of 100 pigs, to be auctioned in February 2015 to raise funds. 

This very worthy charity has a long standing relationship with Villiers school and we decided to submit a design. Our international students decided that it would be their 'pet' project, and so began a United Nations project by our Russian, Chinese, Korean, German, Spanish, US, Thai and Japanese students. The design featured aspects related to each country and thus began the journey of the magnificent Lady Villiers. 

She is currently on display in Dublin, with the other 99 piggy’s, and is enjoying the life of a 'super-model' as she is exhibited & photographed in preparation for the auction in February. Well done to all the students and their teacher Ms. Jane Murtagh.