Thursday, 20 June 2019

Summer Reading 2019

As recommended by Ms. Julia Nicolas, School Librarian     

Junior Cycle

Rosie Loves Jack, by Mel Darbon – When her boyfriend is sent away, Rosie makes the bold decision to leave home to go and look for him. Rosie is not a typical teenager, but nothing will stop her from finding Jack. An adventure taking its readers from London to Brighton and on an emotional rollercoaster.
Themes: prejudice, coming-of age story, young love

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder, by Holly Jackson – The crime happened five years ago, and now Andie is using it as her end-of-year project. Her research takes her places she didn’t expect where she uncovers secrets no one knew, or wants to know. The more she discovers the more she wonders if the real culprit was apprehended, or if they’re still at large somewhere. The more she discovers, the less safe she becomes.
Themes: crime, secrets

Dear Evan Hansen, by Val Emmich, Steven Levenson, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul – Based on the Broadway musical of the same name, this story follows the life and lies of high school student Evan. After the death of one of his fellow students, Evan is mistaken for his best friend and decides not to tell the truth. A lie which has positive consequences for everybody involved, until Evan can no longer keep it up.
Themes: lies, decision-making, bullying

Kick the Moon, by Muhammad Khan - From the author of I am Thunder, this story follows Ilyas, who’s feeling the pressure of GCSE’s building up. During detention one day, he meets ‘good girl’ Kelly Matthews, and their friendship challenges the social rules of high school. When local bad boy Imran chooses Kelly as the subject of a bet, Ilyas is faced with a choice: losing the first person who ever understood him or defending Kelly and putting his family’s life at risk.
Themes: friendship, superhero comic-book

Unstoppable, by Dan Freedman – Roxy, a rising tennis star, is over-protected by her father while her twin, Kaine, turns to gang and knife crime to compensate for the lack of attention given to him. A fast-paced story about a sibling rivalry and how it can quickly spin out of control and have devastating consequences.
Themes: bereavement, bullying, family

Game Changer, by Tommy Greenwald – After Tommy suffers a serious brain injury during an American football training session, the investigation uncovers secrets and the harsh truth of pre-season training. A novel written in an innovative fashion which will keep readers hooked.
Themes: initiation rites, sports, social pressure

Stay a Little Longer, by Rai Bali – After her father’s death, Aman is struggling to adjust to life without him. Until a lovely man moves in next door and helps her face various problems, from installing a new kitchen to dealing with bullies. However, Aman quickly discovers that Gurnam has demons of his own which are tearing him apart.
Themes: grief, friendship, 20th c. multicultural Britain

Senior Cycle

No Big Deal, by Bethany Rutter – Emily is a funny and intelligent girl starting her last year in school, who never had any problem with her body image. Then, she meets Joe at a house party and everything changes. She becomes obsessed with him and doubts are slowly going to seep through her confident outlook on life.
Themes: body positivity, social pressure

Black Enough: Stories of Being Young & Black in America, edited by Ibi Zoboi – a collection of stories exploring the meanings of being black. We meet: two sisters at a summer camp; a debutante dating a boy her mother would never approve of; three guys talking about nothing and everything; and many other endearing characters.
Themes: identity, immigration, social class

Summer of no Regrets, by Kate Mallinder – Four friends decide to spend their summer doing exactly what they want to do, regardless of how much it scares them. One decides to reconnect with her father after six years; one decides to break out of her shell and go to Science camp; one gets a summer job and one goes looking for her birth father. Each of these decisions will impact the characters in ways they hadn’t foreseen, and the four girls will have to rely on each other to face their fears.
Themes: friendship, growing up

Sea Change, by Sylvia Hehir – Even though he knows he should look after his grieving mother, Alex wants nothing more than to leave school and escape. He made poor decisions during the summer, hanging out with a stranger in the Scottish highlands who said he was hiding from dangerous people, and who turns up dead next to Alex’s fishing boat.
Themes: taking risks, loneliness, mystery