Sunday, 16 October 2016

Visit from St. Brendan's College, Buenos Aires, Argentina

St. Brendan’s College, Buenos Aires, Argentina
50th Anniversary Hockey Tour September 2016.

On Friday September 9th Villiers School hosted a visiting girl’s hockey team from St. Brendan’s College, Buenos Aires, Argentina. They were visiting Limerick as part of their school’s 50th anniversary tour and also to honour the founder of their school, Mr.  John Joseph Scanlan, a native of Limerick city.

Villiers Senior Girls’ Hockey Team played an international challenge match against St. Brendan’s on Saturday September 10th at 1pm in what was a very  exciting game. Afterwards both teams enjoyed refreshments on the lawn of Derravoher House and coaches and players had a chance to swop cross-cultural hockey notes!

We are delighted to develop links with an Argentinian school with similarities to our own school. Sincere thank you to all the parents who hosted the girls in their homes over the weekend.